Experience inspiring places and their passionate hosts that have set out to change the way we gather by making the Sustainable Development Goals their core agenda.


    Our places are unique, welcoming, and embedded in the local communities, offering you the possibility to host inspiring and meaningful events. Our places are a home for changemakers embracing a vision of a sustainable and peaceful future.


    Our hosts are engaged in their communities and contribute to an inclusive and regenerative society through their places.

What SDG Places is all about:

We offer a platform that connects unique places and their extraordinary hosts with organizations that seek to create positive impact.  We support these organizations in their program design, creating inspiring events and experiences that are deeply connected to the place and its local community.

Meet some of our SDG Hosts

  • Thais Corral

    “As change-makers that are willing to make a difference in the world, we must understand that places are vessels of inspiration, meaning and possibilities.”

    Thais Corral

    Sinal do Vale
  • Caroline Arnold

    “A place where you can unplug, slow down and recreate headspace whilst reconnecting with nature, yourself and those around you.”

    Caroline Arnold

    Bore Place
  • Edna Martinez

    “We are defined and we define the places where we gather, inspire and let ourselves be inspired by them.”

    Edna Martinez

  • “We provide spaces for encounters, where people from all walks of life can meet on eye level to co-create together.”

    Maryanne Muller

    Casa Origen, Fundación Origen
  • Stef van Dongen

    “Change makers need safe spaces around the world to reflect, grow and get inspiration from nature and their peers.”

    Stef van Dongen

    The Home for The Pioneers of Our Time