Our Offer
We support you in finding the right SDG Place for your event

You are an impact-driven organization and want to plan an event at an SDG Place?

Contact us and let us know the name of your organization and the type of events you want to host – including information on where you want to host it and how many participants you are expecting.

We will get back to you with a selection of SDG Places that fit your requirements. All SDG Places have gone through a thorough selection process (see Our standards).

Once we have agreed on a suitable SDG Place for your event, we will introduce you to the host.

In a first conversation, we will assess your needs as well as the special features the SDG Places of your interest have to offer so that you may include them in the design of your event.

You and the SDG Place Host will remain in close contact throughout the planning and execution of your event.

After the completion of your event, we would love to receive your feedback on the experience.

If you would like to benefit from our team’s expertise and long-standing experience in hosting transformative events, we will be happy to co-design your event with you. This is a supplemental service by the SDG Places team and will be charged extra.

Ready to organize your event at a SDG Place?

We would love to hear from you and support you in creating sustainable and meaningful events.