Our Standards
Combining sustainability with the highest quality possible

The quality standards of all SDG Places are based on six pillars:

1 - Impact-driven host

The Host is a social and value-aligned, impact-driven person, who works towards an inclusive and regenerative society. S/he embraces values such as trust, transparency, and reciprocity.

2 - Sustainability concept

Sustainability is key for each SDG Place. Therefore, a sustainability approach is applied across all fields of action. This includes, among other things, the conscious use of resources, renewable energy, waste management, water supply.

3 - Local community approach

The Host is strongly engaged and deeply embedded in the local community, with the aim to create positive impact. By actively integrating the community and its surroundings, the SDG Place adds value to the overall local environment operating inclusively, fairly, and on equal terms with all stakeholders.

4 - SDG alignment

An SDG Place contributes to at least one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs therefore guide the approaches of the host and her/his activities.

5 - Hospitality

The place meets the highest standards of hospitality, comfort, and hygiene. On site, facilities are available for large and small group gatherings as well as for individual reflection. The technological infrastructure enables physical, hybrid, and virtual events.

6 - Connection to nature

All SDG Places are strongly connected to nature: a rural place is embedded in a unique, natural surrounding; an urban place integrates nature in creative ways, for example through urban gardening.