Bore Place
A place of community and learning

About this place

City: Edenbridge
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Rural
Accessibility: International Airport, National Airport, International Trainstation, National Train/Busstation
Capacity: 34 - 130 participants

Bore Place is the dream of a sustainable utopia come true, an hour south of London.

For the past 45 years, Bore Place and its foundation have created an ecosystem that has become a laboratory for entirely new economic and living cycles. Bore Place is set in 500 acres of countryside which encompass an organic dairy farm, organic market gardens, ancient woodlands, eco venue, environmental education centre, as well as programmes to provide opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

The house

Thereby, Bore Place is a successful example of how sustainable circular economy can work in harmony with people and nature. The place itself generates high-quality organic food and also markets it locally, in the region and supplies as far away as London. Its agriculture and eco venue provides the foundation with the financial independence for the social education and participation projects with which Bore Places would like to have an impact on society at large. Bore Place is a living and ever evolving example of the successful interplay between regenerative agriculture, educational equity and circular economy.

Outdoor spaces and activities