Sinal do Vale
A place for tomorrow

About this place

City: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil
Location: Rural
Accessibility: International Airport, National Train/Busstation
Capacity: 25 - 48 participants

Likewise the “Museum of Tomorrow“, Sinal do Vale (SINAL) is a place to explore opportunities and challenges humanity will have to face in the next decades. The Museum is located in the center of Rio de Janeiro at the margins of Guanabara Bay, SINAL is behind the Bay in the mountains, where Mata Atlantica rainforest, still a hotspot for biodiversity, is exuberant. SINAL represents in practice what an alternative way of life in harmony with nature could be.

The house

Sinal do Vale is conceived as a regenerative campus for the future, a learning place, working at three levels, at the individual level as we can only transform the world if we transform ourselves, at the community level. To truly collaborate we need to appreciate and respect our differences. Learn to work together. Ultimately these two levels affect the impact we have as individuals and groups at the ecosystems, which we envision to improve and regenerate.
Apart from hosting groups of international and local guests, Sinal do Vale runs its own programs These programs as well as the operations of the place itself are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (e.g. 75% of all food consumed at Sinal do Vale are home grown).

Outdoor spaces and activities

In the long run, SINAL wants to consolidate a model of land stewardship that illustrates how the current climate crisis can be addressed in a decentralized way, allowing the participation of everyone and ensuring that coexisting together we find a way of co-living with our planet and all its beings.

Meeting spaces